The insurance industry loses a giant

We are sad to hear the news of the sudden and untimely death of Chris Le Conte, Group CEO of local insurance manager Robus Risk Services, at the age of 47. Chris passed away peacefully in the early hours of Monday morning.

Chris had been associated with the Gibraltar insurance industry since 2001, when he oversaw the opening of the Gibraltar office of Aon Insurance Managers, and was always a huge supporter of Gibraltar as an insurance domicile. In 2011 he established Robus Risk Services (Gibraltar) Limited and began servicing a number of local insurance company clients.

Chris had many friends in Gibraltar and was admired for his sharp intellect and lateral thinking, as well as his hard work ethic, but perhaps most importantly for his sense of fun. It was always his mantra that there was no point doing business if you couldn’t have fun whilst doing it and all his friends and colleagues will bear testament to that.

Chris was a larger than life figure who will leave a massive gap in the world for all who knew him. His close friends and colleagues knew him as Big Chris, or simply as Big, and that summed him up. Big in intelligence, Big in kindness and loyalty, Big in generosity and Big in his restless creativity and thirst for knowledge.

Our deepest condolences go to his family, especially wife Camille and his six children.