BCMS are holding an M&A seminar on 26 May.

This is an educational seminar on the current global trend in selling equity in Small, Medium and Mid Market companies with some specific insights into the insurance market.

BCMS, now represented here in Gibraltar, will deliver an insight into the most exciting period in M&A for over a decade. Guest Speakers will include Dr Mike Sweeting, (Director of BCMS Group) and Mr Stephen Greenwood, (Executive Chairman).

There is more balance sheet cash held by acquisition entities than ever recorded and many are now looking to move away from the stock markets and invest their cash directly for equity in companies as a route to generate longer term returns, to bring a diversity of income, to access other countries or specific markets to sell their existing products.

BCMS are securing exits and investments based on the highest ever-recorded values, which is creating liquidity for private shareholders and greater capital adequacy for company’s growth propositions.

To book your place email john.slack@bcms.gi Alternatively call John directly on 00350 54017096.

You can find their “Little book of M&A” here.