FSC getting closer to the industry

GIA/FSC make joint proposals to enhance mutual understanding

In discussions between the FSC and GIA, it’s been highlighted that both the industry and the regulator would like to have a better understanding of each other’s work at all levels.

We have therefore jointly put together a paper which discusses the possibilities for FSC staff to become more familiar with their licensees and for staff in the industry to be seconded to the FSC to gain a clearer overview of how our regulation works.

The paper, which can be found by clicking here, covers the opportunity for staff to spend six months plus seconded to the FSC working as a regulatory officer learning about returns, compliance, application processes and risk assessments. In turn the seconded staff member will be able to give FSC employees the point of view of a licensee.

The positions are subject to confidentiality provisions and are subject to a non-poaching clause which prevent the FSC from stealing good employees!

The paper also talks about bringing FSC staff out into the industry, usually for day or half-day familiarisation visits, or for firms to visit the FSC and make presentations on specific topics arising in their business.

GIA is very keen to enhance understanding with our regulator at all levels within the industry and is therefore delighted to encourage its members to participate in these initiatives.

Please contact Hannah Strain or Melaine Garcia at the FSC as suggested in the paper to find out more.

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